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Advanced Payroll Services

Outsourcing to a payroll services company

What are the advantages of outsourcing your payroll, for me there are two major advantages, value for money and reliability.

The first value for money, if you keep your payroll in-house you will need to pay a member off staff , if that member of staff is going to be trained in payroll I would imagine that they need to be on a salary of at least £19,000 per year. You could instruct a payroll services company like ourselves to run a payroll for you for up to 50 employees for as little as £95 per month, that’s less than £1,200 per year, a massive saving of nearly £18,000 per year.

Reliability, if it’s a reputable payroll services company like advanced payroll services your employees will receive their payslips on time every time. You will not have any concerns about absence like holidays or sickness. You will have peace of mind that your kept up-to-date with all the current legislation. Just imagine having a team of experts managing your payroll on your behalf, for minimum expense allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Posted in General on 06/12/2011

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